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Matt has over 34 years of senior-level financial regulatory experience in the public and private sectors and is an expert in the field of Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations. Matt previously served 20 years as a Commissioned National Bank Examiner for the OCC, as well as a CFPB Compliance Examiner and a Director at Promontory Financial Group.

Matt Ondus
Chief Executive Officer

Brett has over 25 years of consulting and business experience, previously serving as Chief Compliance Officer, Internal Audit, Commercial Credit Underwriting, Commercial Lending, and Credit Quality Review, as well as a Consultant with Midsize, Big 4, and Boutique Firms.

Brett Schimanski
Managing Director

Paul has 15 years of experience, previously serving as a CFPB Compliance Examiner, FDIC Safety and Soundness Examiner, Compliance Officer with a Large Financial Institution, and a Consultant with both Grant Thornton and Promontory Financial Group.

Paul Carlisle
Managing Director


Mark has over 40 years of experience, including 7 years as a Managing Director at Promontory Financial Group and 33 years with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in various supervisory positions. Mark oversaw bank supervision policy in Washington, D.C. and served as Regional Director of the Atlanta Region and worked as a consultant for the International Monetary Fund. He also participated in the 1996 Legis Fellows Program, working for the Banking and Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mark Schmidt
Senior Risk Advisor

Gale has over 30 years of experience in the finance and regulatory industry, previously serving 7 years as Director for Promontory Financial Group and 23 years with FDIC, including a position as Deputy Regional Director. Gale is a commissioned FDIC examiner and expert in portfolio management, financial risk, enterprise risk management, regulatory supervision and compliance, commercial lending, and credit analysis.

As a commissioned FDIC examiner, Gale’s understanding of credit quality, risk management, internal control frameworks, and reporting contribute to the strength of RMSG's management team.

Gale Simons-Poole
Senior Risk Advisor

Brian has over 40 years of credit and bank regulation experience, previously serving 23 years as a Commissioned National Bank Examiner with the OCC, including a role as the OCC’s Fraud Specialist leading and assisting with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering activities, offering expert guidance to legal counsel for regulatory enforcement actions and complaints filed against financial institutions.

Brian Lewis
Senior Risk Advisor

Eric has more than 28 years of experience in the private and public sectors, previously serving as a Senior Commissioned Examiner with the CFPB and specializing in data-driven regulatory compliance assessments and analysis, regulatory compliance and needs assessment.

Eric Van Horn
Senior Risk Advisor

Kim has 28 years of experience, previously serving 13 years as a Compliance Examiner for the OCC and 15 years as a Safety and Soundness Examiner with the FDIC where he led compliance examinations for high-profile assignments, adverse ratings, and enforcement actions, as well as reviewed corrective action plans for reimbursing service members.

Kim McNeil
Senior Risk Advisor

Rusty has over 30 years of compliance experience, previously serving as a banker and Commissioned Compliance Examiner with the FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCC, and CFPB where he examined non-bank institutions and hundreds of depository institutions with assets between $2 million and $2 trillion.

Russell Cronan
Senior Risk Advisor

David has 32 years of experience as a Commissioned National Bank Examiner for the OCC, previously serving as Consumer Compliance Examiner-in-Charge at numerous community and midsize banks and leading ongoing supervisory activities for high-risk consumer protection laws and regulations. David also spent 10 years as Instructor for the OCC's Community and Midsize Bank Director Workshop and 5 years as Lead Instructor.

David Grandison
Senior Risk Advisor

John served 30 years as a Commissioned National Bank Examiner for the OCC, previously serving as the OCC’s Director of Governance and Operational Risk Policy in Washington DC. John has extensive experience in financial services, national banking, federal thrift regulation, enterprise risk management, operational risk management, third-party risk management, as well as offering compliance and risk guidance to large financial institutions.

John Eckert
Senior Risk Advisor

Mike has over 23 years of regulatory risk management experience, previously serving 23 years as a Commissioned Examiner with the FDIC, OTS, and CFPB. Mike served in numerous examination and leadership roles, including over two years with the CFPB as the Lead Examiner overseeing one of the largest financial institutions in the country and as a regulatory instructor/presenter for the FDIC and OTS.

Michael Viscera
Senior Risk Advisor

Rick has over 40 years of risk management experience, previously serving over 30 years as a Commissioned National Bank Examiner, Field Manager, and Assistant Deputy Comptroller with the OCC. Rick also has experience working for two financial institutions as a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer and has assisted several other banks as a Consultant.

Richard Schobert
Senior Risk Advisor

Rosalyn has 40 years of regulatory risk management experience with the OCC as a Commissioned National Bank Examiner serving in a variety of roles, including Assistant Deputy Controller, Examiner-in-Charge, Credit Team Leader, Corporate Governance Team Leader, and Accountant.

Rosalyn Anthony
Senior Risk Advisor

Kathy recently retired from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) after 20 years of service. Most recently she served as Director for Payments Risk Policy from 2013 to 2019, where she established and led Payments Risk Policy, a new department within the Operational Risk Division. Upon returning to the OCC in 2007 to 2012, Ms. Oldenborg was an OCC examiner in large banks, supervising global transaction and payments businesses. From 1989 to 1997, she served as an OCC examiner in the NE District performing both safety & soundness and fiduciary examinations.

Kathy Oldenborg
Senior Risk Advisor

As a key member of the BHG compliance team since 2014, Edward evaluates BHG’s products and practices to determine and develop solutions to mitigate compliance risk, both for the firm and the banks that purchase loans from the firm. Edward is an expert on banking and consumer compliance regulations and provides guidance for the firm and its clients.

Edward graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelors Degree in Arts and Sciences. Prior to joining BHG, Edward worked for several years for US Bank in New York City and Washington, D.C. A native of Syracuse, NY, Edward and his wife moved home to raise their young children.

Ed Just

Randy has 20 years of compliance and risk management experience, previously working as a Senior Compliance Risk Officer , Internal Audit, and Fraud Analyst with some of the largest Bank and Discount Brokerage firms in the United States.

Randy Misencik
Senior Manager

Kiera specializes in project management, regulatory internal audit, consumer compliance and sales practice risk, and compliance management systems. She has played a key role in numerous engagements at several financial institutions spanning operational and risk management functions, assisting all three lines of defense. Prior to RMSG, Kiera was employed by Grant Thornton LLP in their Risk Advisory group, where she focused primarily on performing issue validation and leading project management functions for large financial services engagements.

Kiera Orris

Eve has worked in the financial industry in a variety of roles including project manager, market research analyst and product development coordinator. Prior to RMSG, Eve worked at MetLife and Brighthouse Financial, leading the project management of large quarterly marketing campaigns from initiation to finish. She also worked among a team to monitor annual industry trends and competitive analysis to support product development. In Eve’s current role she manages the day-to-day marketing compliance approval process and assists with engagement status reporting.

Eve Culnane
Senior Associate

Driven by a passion for data and emerging trends, Rodney specializes in researching complex financial services regulation law to provide actionable insights and detailed analyses to the RMSG team. He also assists with compliance controls testing to ensure adherence to standards, policies, and procedures. Rodney began his career as an analyst for one of the nation’s premier transportation companies, following an internship at a national transportation brokerage firm. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University.

Rodney Hampton
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